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Bench Blocks

High quality steel bench blocks ideal for flattening, laying out and chasing. Premium quality blocks, manufactured to the highest quality! Made from too, steel which has been case hardened, polished and round to increase durability and strength. One edge bevelled at a 45 degree angle making it a lot easier to produce a broad range of curves and shapes from your metal. We currently have 7 sizes available.
Bench Block  (50x50)   Bench Block  (60x60)   Bench Block (65x65)   Bench Block  (100x100)   Bench Block  (130x130)   Bench Block  (150x150)   Bench Block  (300x300)   Order Code   1184   1184B   1185   1186   1187   1188   1189     50 x 50 x 20mm   60 x 60 x 20mm   65 x 65 x 20mm   100 x 100  x20mm   130 x 130 x 20mm   150 x 150 x 20mm   300 x 300 x 20mm       Net  0.4kg   Gross 0.4kg   0.5kg   Net  0.6kg   Gross 0.7kg   Net  1.4kg   Gross 1.6kg   Net  2.2kg   Gross 2.4 kg   Net  3.2kg   Gross 3.4kg   Net  12.8kg   Gross 13.3kg

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