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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design
10 Punch Set (1201)
17 Punch Set (1202)
9 Punch Set (1203)
6 Punch Set (1204)

Disc Cutters

Durstons disc cutters now cut discs from 3mm to 34mm in 1mm increments. The punches are made from special tools steel, hardened and then ground at the perfect angle to obtain great results New innovative tray design. The disc cutter sits in on an angle. Just slide it out and start work. Accessories Included With Disc Cutter: Urethane pad to absorb energy of hammer blow. Durston specially formulated lubricant to increase life of punches. Set of shims to level up when punching holes. Unique plastic tray that has separate holder to hold all the punches. Spring loaded die plate allows easily clamping of material. Center positioning dies now available as extra.
10 Punch Set   17 Punch Set    9 Punch Set   6 Punch Set   Order Code   1201   1202   1203   1204   Sizes   3,6,9,13,16,19,22,25,28,32   3 - 19   20 - 28   29 - 34     250x220x160mm   (300x250x200 Boxed)   250x220x160mm   (300x250x200 Boxed)   250x220x160mm   (300x250x200 Boxed)   250x220x160mm   (300x250x200 Boxed)       Net 7.45kg   Gross 8kg   Net 7.45kg   Gross 8kg   Net 7.45kg   Gross 8kg   Net 7.45kg   Gross 8kg
Eurothane Pad
Disc Cutter Lubrication
Optional Extra: Centre Positioning Dies
Accessories Included with Disc Cutter

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Set Of Levelling Shims
Centre Positioning Dies
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Lubricating compound for disc cutter (Compound included with disc cutter)
Levelling Shims (Shims included with Disc Cutter)
Easy clamping solution. Clamp then remove allen key (Allan key is included with the Disc Cutter)