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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design
Large easy to read calibrated disc

Double D4 158 (1052)

Upper Roller
Lower Roller

Double D4 158 Rolling Mill

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Double D4 158   Order Code   1052     158mm x 60mm     6mm     10mm     1mm     19     Upper Roller  - > 11     1 (Lever A), 5     1 (Lever B),    Lower Roller  - > 5     1 (Level A) / 2.5     1 (Lever B)       4D Groove  - >  4,3,2 & 1.5mm     3D Grove  - > 8,6 & 3mm 7,6 & 5mm      43 0 x 200 x 600mm   (740x470x460mm Boxed)     Net 85 kg   Gross 104kg
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Established Since 1961
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The classic famous double stacked Durston Rolling Mill  This mill has 2 sets of rolls. One for flat giving a huge 130mm and one for wire with a total  of 19 grooves. Plus an additional 3 half rounds on the main wire roll.  On top of this there are an additional 2 sets of extension rollers adding a further 7 half  rounds. Side frames manufactured from a one piece cast iron construction for optimal strength and  rigidity. Precision Hardened and ground rolls  First and only manual rolling mills incorporating roller bearings. – making rolling so easy and  smooth Large, easy to read calibrated disc  This is the only mill that comes with two turning levers. The first lever is used for heavier  rolling and it incorporates a huge reduction of 11-1.  Or use the second lever and the gear reduction still gives out a large 5-1 reduction with the  rolls turning faster (per revolution of the turning lever) than the first lever  The reduction gear box is unrivalled in the industry. It is a very important part of the rolling  mill.  Making turning and rolling that much easier.
Right side view