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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design


1) Can We Purchase Direct? Dealers within your country will be able to supply our products however if there is not currently a dealer present in your country, you can buy direct from us.
2) Can I Buy Extension Rollers With Different Half Rounds? We can supply half rounds (or ‘’D’’ shapes) extension rollers with any width and depth which you require. We can also supply other shapes. These can be added on at any time.
Welcome to our FAQ page. On this page you will see some commonly asked questions and our responses below.

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3) What Is The Bar That Is Situated On The Front Of The Lower Rollers On Some Of The Rolling Mills? On this bar is a groove indicator. This points to the groove that you are using. This is so you do not get mixed up and forget where you are.
4) The User’s Guide Mentions Oiling The Rollers To Prevent Rust. What Type Of Oil Do You Recommend? The best oil to use is ‘’3 in 1’’ oil or something similar.
5) What Is The Difference Between A Rolling Mill With Reduction And A Rolling Mill Without Reduction? A rolling mill with no reduction means that when you turn the handle round once the rolls will go round once. However a rolling mill with reduction lets say 4-1 means you will have to turn the handle 4 times for the rolls to go round once. And, a reduction of 6-1 means you have to turn the handle 6 times for the rolls to go round once etc.
6) Do You Have Any Safety Rules For Using Rolling Mills? When you purchase a Rolling Mill, instructions of how to use the machine will be inside which outlines the safety features and guidlines which must be followed in order to work safely at your work bench. Instructions come with all Durston’s products to ensure all goods are used appropriately and safely