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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design

Ring Bender 7 Piece

In a short while Durston’s have been making this tool in mass production, we are proud to say that already it is the most popular Ring Bender in the world. Superior precision made for great performance. Dies lining up perfectly together. Incorporating 7 sets of dies (5 rounds, 1 square and 1 rhombus). Complete unit sits into a 200mm diameter base with lifting handles. Dies hardened and polished. Base holder with screws to bolt down onto your bench or use strip to clamp into vice. Unique geared system giving great reduction making bending effortless. Optional Delrin Dies We also offer optional Delrin Dies: 5 Delrin Dies - precision machined to match steel round posts.

Ring Shank Bender 7 Piece (1307)


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Ring Bender 7 Piece   D elrin Dies   Order Code   1307   1310   Sizes   60 degree , 90 d egree   12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm,  22mm   60 degree , 90 d egree , 12mm,  14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm   Dimensions   200 x 200 x 110   (240 x 240 x 150 Boxed)   -   Weight   4.9kg (5.4kg Boxed)   0.055kg   (0.1kg Boxed)
Unique Innovative Design! Corners cut so material does not get damaged!
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