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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design

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Established Since 1961
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Rolling Mills Introduction

Durston have been manufacturing Rolling Mills since the 1960s. No one in 

the world knows Rolling Mills like Durston. 

The purpose of this page is to give an overview of all the Rolling Mills and to avoid too much 

repeating when looking through our Range of 33 different models of manual rolling mills, 12 

different types of bench top rolling Mills and 3 typed of Floor standing models. 


Our rolls are specially hardened by a process called induction hardening. To use this process 

the correct steel has to be used. The main barrel is hardened to depth of 6mm, ensuring your 

rolls last a lifetime. The grinding of the rolls is so important. How they are ground will effect 

your rolled product for the next 30 - 40 years. Durstons have invested £650,000.00 plus on CNC 

grinding machine alone. - in just the last 5 years. All grooves are ground to precision. Ensuring 

a beautifully formed finish. The flat part of the rolls are not only precision ground but now 

polished to perfection, ensuring you have perfectely finished rolled product. 

Reduction Gearbox

The Reduction gearboxes are unrivalled din the industry giving eithr 4-1 reduction or 5-1 on the DRM 130 and DRM 150 models. The desgn ensures that the

reduxtion is 100% effucint, unlike other reduction gearboxes on the market. All drive gears on the Durston Rolling Mill are specially formed to make rolling

even smoother.

Bearing Blocks

The bearing blocks on all mills are fully supported with thick strong frames ensuring you achieve the best possible rolled finish. The bearings on the manual

rolling mills are 100% maintenance free and will last the life time of the mill.


All parts on Durston Rolling Mills have a thick coat of powder coating. ensuring in years to come your mill still looks a good as new.


There is no other piece of equipment you will own that will hold its value like a DURSTON Rolling Mill.Durston mills that were purchase in the 1960s, 70, 80,

and 90s are selling for the same amount they were purchase for. No other piece of equipment achieves this.


Durstons are able to offer competitive prices on their Rolling Mills simply because we make in excess of 9000 units per year - and that number is growing

down to our new Agile line. The amount of rolling mills we manufacture helps us to get the best possible prices on all are raw materials.  On top of this we

manufacture all components in house using , hi tech, hi speed computerised machines, - from CNC Lathes, CNC grinders, CND Mills and CNC gear cutters.