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Charcoal Blocks (1701 - 1706)

Solder Boards

Binding Wire (1721 - 1729)

Charcoal Blocks are particularly useful as a heat insulator for protection against heat and acts as a reflector mechanism to prevent it from dissipating. This is very important when melting metal pieces. Therefore this process is more efficient and fast in achieving the optimum temperature. Made from the highest quality, our dense charcoal is three times heavier than standard soft blocks. Available in five sizes. Soldering Boards: These lightweight blocks offer an ideal surface for all soldering tasks. Made from highly insulating and heat reflective vermiculite, the block offers temperature resistance up to 2,012 F (1,100 C) and stands up to direct flame without damage. This material contains no ceramic or arbestos; it does not create dust and is oderless and non irritating. Though light in weight and strong, the material is easy to cut and shape using ordinary tools. Binding wire made from iron is used as part of the soldering process in aid of Charcoal blocks by reducing the break down via wrapping the edges together for strength as well as other soldering materials in supporting the joining of metal pieces.
Binding Wire   Order Code   1721   1722   1723   1724   1725   1726   1727   1729   Material   Mild Steel   Gauge   20   22   24   25   26   27   29   30       0.2kg Charcoal Blocks   Order Code   1701   1702   1703   1704   1705   1706     70 x 70 x 30mm   with  groove and hole   80 x 60 x 30mm   140 x 70 x 30mm   200 x 140 x 30mm   150 Dia x 30mm   140 x 70mm       0.56kg   0.64kg   0.08kg   0.53kg   0.31kg   0.2kg Solder Boards     Size 1   Size 2   Size 3     330 x 220 x 15mm   330 x 1000 x 15mm   140 x 70 x 35mm

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