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Durston Rolling Mills - British Made - In use Worldwide - Registered British Design


Cabinet Stand (1064)

Pedestal Stand (1061)

Power Stand (1062 - 1063)

Pedestal Stand (OC 1061)   Single Power Stand (OC 1062)   Double Power Stand (OC 1063)   Cabinet Stand (OC 1064)   W 300 x D 350 x H 900m     W 590 x D 470 x H 970mm     W 910 x D 470 x H 970mm     W 350 x D 350 x H 900mm     18kg   18kg   20kg   21kg   Suitable for Mini Mill, DRM 100,  130 & 150   Stand to suit Power Mills   Stand to suit Power Mills   Cabinet Stand to suit all Manual Mills

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Established Since 1961
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Durstons offer four different types of stands. These are the Pedestal stand, Cabinet stand, Single power stand and Double power stand. Manufactured to the finest quality. Our stands are know for there great stability and robust structure. Finished in a beautiful powder coated finish. Perfect height for your work and also providing a safe and secure environment for day to day tasks.