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Flux Solder 1712

Cool Paste (1713)

Gold Testing Stone (1714)

Borax Cones (1711)

Borax Cones consist as a dry form of flux, made using water and a Borax Dish to help protect and maintain the joints between the areas whilst soldering. Flux Solder is designed to make the solder flow more easily by ensuring the joints are kept maintained and cleaned. This fluid acts as a protective mechanism to defect oxides which may take place. This liquid can be used on various metals such as gold, silver and copper as well as other non ferrous metals. Cool Paste is used as a heat insulator acting as a protective layer therefore allowing the stone to stay in place whilst undertaking the solder. This is very useful method because the process is fast, convenient and straightforward achieving effortless results! Gold Testing Stone used for determining the clarity and carrat of metals, especially gold. Produced from unreactive materials, manufactured for use with testing acids for concluding the purity of the pieces to the greatest precision for great results.
Borax Cones   Flux Soldar   Cool Paste   Testing Stone   Order Code   1711   1712   1713   1714     5 x 120 GR   1Ltr   120ml   46 x 40 x 8     0.6kg   1kg   0.16kg   0.07kg

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